We know that routines and schedules are important for children’s emotional, cognitive and social development. They teach children what is expected and help them to feel secure. We also know that the transitions we make throughout our daily schedule can be challenging. During this training you will learn about practical strategies that you can use immediately in the classroom to help your day run smoothly. We will explore ways to create effective schedules, routines and transitions throughout the day. These strategies will result in fewer problem behaviors and higher rates of child engagement.

The Importance of Effective Schedules, Routines, and Transitions in Early Childhood Settings

Receive 2 Training Hours in Teaching Practices & 1 Training Hour in Guidance

Presented by Mary Bowman, Early Childhood Mental Health/Autism Coordinator

The registration fee is $15 before Jan. 19th ($25 after)
Register online here: https://ecclc.org/early-care-and-education-providers/access-supports-and-services/trainings/training-registration/

Contact 970-377-3388 with questions.