Early Childhood Workforce Initiatives

Impact Little Lives in Big Ways

The already strained early childhood workforce in our community has been increasingly burdened by the COVID pandemic, making finding and keeping staff even more challenging for child care programs. Early Childhood Council of Larimer County is committed to a number of early childhood workforce initiatives to help improve workforce credentialing and recruit people to early childhood education.

P-ECT Waiver Expansion 

In 2018, a task force of ECCLC staff and local child care directors worked to develop a Provisional Early Childhood Teacher (P-ECT) waiver in Larimer County.  This waiver gives eligible child care programs up to a 12-month grace period to get a lead teacher in a classroom fully Early Childhood Teacher qualified, while the teacher receives additional observations and supervisory support meetings with the Center Director. 

During the summer of 2021, local early child community partners asked ECCLC to expand the waiver to allow more P-ECTs in a program (which was maxed at 2 at the time).  A proposal was submitted to the Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) in August to amend ECCLC's current waiver to allow for 3-4 P-ECTs in a child care program, depending on the number of classrooms and administrative staff. After discussions and support from the ECLC and Child Care Licensing, the ECLC unanimously approved this amendment on August 26th

For more information about the Larimer P-ECT waiver, please contact Heather Blanco at [email protected] and download the program agreement for eligibility and requirements for participation.