During this stressful, uneasy, and challenging time, it is especially important to remember to take care of YOU, yes you. Our lives look a bit different these days and it is essential for us to remember self-care, self-love, and finding the positives when life feels extremely negative.

One thing that has helped me during this time is to recognize how I am feeling in the present and figure out what I need at that time; a mental break, a wellness walk, a 1 minute meditation, my favorite playlist, a FaceTime call with a loved one, etc. I have also come to stop and enjoy moments of silence, the warmth of the sunshine, the happiness a freshly brewed pot of coffee brings, lighting a new candle, and word searches before bed. I want you to begin thinking about your feelings and I especially want you to remember to accept your feelings, they are okay! 🙂 I challenge you this week to recognize your feelings and give yourself what you need in those moments. Think about the little things that bring you joy every day and be grateful for those moments.

I have provided a short YouTube video meditation that helps me throughout the day and a fun collage of photos that make me smile. I hope they bring joy to your day as well! Just remember, we are all in this together. Take a deep breath, brew your favorite cup of tea, grab a new book, whip up a yummy dessert, and at the end of the day don’t forget to smile, knowing that you are doing the best that you can do. You’ve got this and I believe in you!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

-Alexa DeStefano, Early Childhood Coach, ECCLC