Coloradans voted to pass Proposition EE, a proposition aimed at increasing tax on tobacco, nicotine and vaping products to gain more funding for early childhood education and other resources.

Proposition EE’s approval will create a new tax for nicotine and vaping products and increase existing taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products, which Legislative Council Staff estimated would raise around $250 million in revenue this fiscal year and next.

Proposition EE will help cut Colorado’s teen vaping rates, which are among the highest in the nation, and bring revenue to early childhood education and rural schools at a time when the money is needed and the state pushes for more widespread pre-K education.
Revenues are to be dedicated to health and education programs including the following:

  • Preschool programs cash fund
  • State education fund
  • Rural schools cash fund
  • Housing development grant fund
  • Tobacco tax cash fund
  • Tobacco education programs fund
  • State general fund

Learn more about Proposition EE by clicking here.