ECCLC Supports Colorado Amendement 73 and Larimer Ballot 1A

The ECCLC Board supports Colorado Amendment 73 and Larimer Ballot 1A, as it believes both initiatives will strengthen supports for young children and families.

At the recommendation of the ECCLC Advisory Council, the ECCLC Board voted to support these upcoming ballot initiatives, for the following reasons:

  • Amendment 73 will bring critically needed new dollars to fund public education, starting at preschool.  According to KIDS Count 2018, Colorado’s per pupil spending is currently $2,685 BELOW the national average (adjusted for regional costs differences).
  • Larimer Ballot 1A will support expanded mental health and substance abuse services throughout Larimer County.  Having a parent/family member who struggles with mental illness or substance abuse is a toxic stress for young children, and without adequate support, can have a lifelong impact.  Providing more supports will help both children and families thrive.

The ECCLC’s Board encourages you to take a close look at both of these ballot initiatives, and think about the positive impact they can have on young children.

More Information on Amendement 73
More Information on Ballot 1A

Recruitment Panel

Did you know in Larimer County, 65.3% of children 6 years old and under need childcare because both parents are in the workforce and have no access to licensed care. We only have 25% of licensed care available for children 0 to 2 years old and 35% of licensed care available for children 2 to 5/6 years old. If you know anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed home child care provider, we can support them through the journey. Financial assistance is also available but is limited. This opportunity would be great for someone who has a child that they would like to stay at home with and provide an income
for their family.
We have upcoming information sessions on:

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 and Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
from 6:30pm-8:30pm at our office.

You can RSVP by contacting Vanessa Whitney at 970-377-3388 ext 200 or [email protected]. Please help us share this need with others!

Rating Recognition

Congratulations! The following programs recently went through the Colorado Shines Rating Process:

Children’s Workshop Diana
Children’s Workshop Silverplume
Little Bear’s Hampsire
Little Bear’s Riverside
Little Bear’s West
Heather Godell (Family Child Care Home)
Rhonda Peterson (Family Child Care Home)
Teaching Tree – Loveland
Bright Horizons – Loveland
The Family Center/La Familia
Thompson Valley Preschool
Young People’s Learning Center on Matthews


Leap Coalition

Thank you to everyone who attended “Checking our Biases: Meaningful and Authentic Engagement with Children and Families” featuring Luis Hernandez on September 11 and 12. With over 450 registrants, this was Leap’s largest event to date. Head over to the Leap website to check out more photos from the event and register for upcoming Community Conversations on October 23 and November 14!

Be Ready

Be Ready has launched their brand new website that contains an informative calendar, blog articles, and a list of helpful resources. Take some time and check it out!


Looking for Men Teachers

Do you have men on your teaching staff?
MenTeach will be releasing a Press Release in the next month about the increase in the percentage of men teaching and will be getting requests from the media for interviews. They need diverse numbers of men who have recently started working in child care (MUST be within the last two years & MUST be working directly with young children) from all over the US who can be interviewed.
If interested, please send the following to Bryan G. Nelson [email protected] :

  • Full Name & City and State (not address)
  • Phone number
  • When did you start working in child care?
  • What do you do in child care?

There is no guarantee that you will be selected to be interviewed. They will follow up with the possible questions the media would be asking you and a tip sheet.

Menteach “is a non-profit clearinghouse for both men and women seeking information and resources about men teaching. If you are a man thinking about teaching or currently teaching you’ve found a place to connect with others who share your vision for children and society. If you are a researcher, university or college student or faculty, a legislator or from the media, you’ll find information to answer your questions. MenTeach is about children’s success. We want a diverse workforce, both men and women teachers, educating and caring for our children.”

Expanding Professional Possibilities in Early Childhood (EPPEC)

For Cohort Students
Do you know someone who is interested in working in the field of early childhood education?  

We are creating a cohort of students, through a partnership with Front Range Community College, who will be employed part-time in child care programs under the guidance of an experienced mentor teacher.  Because of the education, high quality mentoring and positive work experience they receive, these employees/cohort students will be better prepared as future Early Childhood Teachers, and more likely to stay in the field.
Deadline for applications is October 5.
Learn about Benefits
Cohort Student Application