City of Fort Collins Healthy Homes Program

Do you have a healthy home? Not sure? Sign-up for a Healthy Homes assessment today to learn more about how you can improve the indoor air quality and safety of your home. The City of Fort Collins Healthy Homes program wants to help identify the presence of biological pollutants, chemical contaminants and safety hazards in your home by offering a free, comprehensive assessment to evaluate your home’s indoor air quality. Included with each assessment is a free radon test kit, carbon monoxide detector, and smoke alarm. We’ll leave you with a wealth of information about your indoor air quality and provide low cost or no cost recommendations you can implement to mitigate many of the most common problems. The in-home assessments are performed by trained Master Home Educators and typically take less than an hour and a half. For more information, please visit the City of Fort Collins Healthy Homes Program.

The Healthy Homes program is also excited to announce the new Healthy Homes Do-It-Yourself app that you can use to conduct your own home indoor air quality assessment. The online Healthy Homes DIY assessment tool was created to expand the reach of the Healthy Homes program by making information regarding indoor air quality of homes more accessible. This new tool is intuitive and easy to use, and contains short videos to explain the process. Try it out at