Ready Set Kindergarten! is a new resource that will help families prepare their children for success in kindergarten.  It includes:
  • Fun activities for making friends and getting along in the classroom.
  • Tips to get ready for reading, writing and math.
  • A month by month guide to help families stay on track with kindergarten registration, vaccinations and more.

Ready Set Kindergarten! is available for download at  Although copyrighted, anyone may download, display, print and copy this guide in an unaltered form for non-commercial purposes only.  Hard copies are available through Mims Harris at [email protected].

Be Ready Family Fair
FREE Event
Children’s activities, community vehicles, community resource booths, free food and more!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Fullana Learning Center
220 N. Grant Ave., Ft. Collins 80521

Cultural Competency Conversations with the Council
Cultural competency is a topic that is rising to the top at many meetings. Responding to this growing awareness, we started a Cultural Competency Conversations Series at our May Council meeting.   We kicked off these conversations with local speaker and therapist Dr. Mark Benn, who presented his thought provoking “What’s in YOUR File? from Prejudice to Understanding.” Check out this link to watch his TedX Talk on this topic.