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Colorado Early Childhood Workforce

As part of the Transforming the Early Childhood Workforce in Colorado Project, Early Milestones Colorado commissioned the Colorado Early Childhood Workforce Survey 2017 Final Reportwhich details results of a recent survey of more than 4,700 early educators, including demographic, educational, workplace characteristics, and factors that predict staff turnover and retention. Findings suggest educators are dedicated to serving children and families and feel a strong sense of personal accomplishment. However, average staff turnover rates ranged from 16 – 40%, depending on the position, and 70% of directors reported difficulty filling vacancies. Wages are the strongest predictor of staff turnover in early childhood programs. Wages, benefits, and strong leadership predicted educators’ intentions to stay in their jobs. Access the briefs at coloradoecworkforce.org

Colorado Early Childhood Education Industry


Another newly-released report, Bearing the Cost of Early Care and Education in Colorado, examines the critical role of the early care and education (ECE) industry on Colorado’s economy. The ECE industry generates nearly $640 million in revenue (comparable to the advertising industry) and contributes $2.25 to the state economy for every $1 spent. Conducted by the Butler Institute for Families and Brodsky Research and Consulting, the report explores how this vital industry—which enables parents to work, generating $4.4 billion in earnings for Colorado—exists as a failed market.  The cost of high-quality care is prohibitive for many families in Colorado, and wages for the ECE workforce do not promote self-sufficiency.
Other resources: Executive Summary and Key Takeaways.


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