The time has come for Early Childhood Council of Larimer County to have a visual identity that matches our evolution as an organization. We’re excited to launch our new logo, core color palette, and photography treatment, which make up our visual identity. It had been more than 10 years since ECCLC went through a branding/visual update to ensure we remain current. Our team worked closely with Alex Cortes of Allaco Creative to land on the perfect combination of colors, fonts, and a powerful wordmark logo to adequately position our brand for years to come. 

Why Now? 

For nearly 25 years, Early Childhood Council of Larimer County has evolved and adapted. Today our organization is defined by a set of core principles, impactful programs, and our reputation, also known as our brand. Our Council is recognized as one of the leading Early Childhood Councils in the state.  Our new visual representation of our brand--our logo, core color palette, fonts, and photographs, which make up our visual identity–now better represents our strategic, spirited, collaborative reputation. 

What does this mean for our partners and supporters? 

Our visual refresh shouldn’t impact any collaboration other than that we ask that you please use our new logo in all communications moving forward. Please contact our Communications and Development Director Julie Grawe ([email protected])  for logo files and review of all materials.