Congratulations to Bev Thurber!

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ECCLC Executive Director Bev Thurber is the recipient of the 11th Joseph Jabaily Public Health Hero Award.

The Jabaily Award was created by the Larimer County Board of Health in honor and in memory of Dr. Joseph Jabaily, a Loveland neurologist, community activist, volunteer and member of many local boards who died of injuries from a tragic accident in a charity bicycle race in the Summer of 2004.

Thank you to Mims Harris, Lisa Sadar, Lauren Powers and Bonnie Cowen for their input in Bev’s nomination. Part of Bev’s nomination letter says “During her tenure at the ECCLC, Bev has been the catalyst for multiple county-wide collaborative initiatives focused on children birth to eight. Many of these public health initiatives strive to protect and improve the health of young children throughout Larimer County. Bev’s skills and expertise are reflected in this work. Because of her abilities, she is sought out to identify and bring together partners for county-wide health initiatives that include Be Ready, KIDS and Leap.”

Bev will be honored at a reception on Thursday, September 21st from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Location TBA.