Confident and Resourceful Infants and Toddlers 

Based on Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach

Magda Gerber coined the terms Educarer and Educaring to describe ways in which caring and educating are intertwined, and teaches us that intimate caregiving activities are for relationship-building opportunities as well as learning.

Come discover Magda Gerber’s approach based on a set of basic principles that informs all adult-child interactions. These principles include basic trust, safe environments, uninterrupted play, exploration, active participation in caregiving activities, observation, clearly defined expectations, and much more. We will learn and explore how these principles help caregivers see the world from the baby’s perspective and give practical ways to respond to babies with care and respect.


  • Part 1/2: 1/14/20 AND 2/4/20
  • Part 3/4: 3/3 AND 3/31

Where: ECCLC Office, 2850 McClelland Dr., Suite 3400 Fort Collins, CO


  • Part 1/2: $20
  • Part 3/4: $20
  • Both Parts: $30

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