Dear Colorado Shines PDIS user,

Here are the annual training requirements for child care professionals, including what has changed for center-based professionals under the current Licensing rules package.

Where do I find and register for required training in the PDIS? View the how-to guide “Finding Level 2, Required or Social-Emotional Courses” for step-by-step instructions with screenshots to help you find required training in the PDIS.

NOTE: Following these steps for how to register and complete training in the PDIS will ensure your new training completion is recorded and that you receive an updated certificate.

How do I retake a required training that I’ve already taken? Some training is required to be taken each year, such as Standard Precautions. In these cases, please make sure to search for the course and re-register for it to receive a new completion. Opening a course from your completed transcript won’t generate a new completion or certificate. Follow these step-by-step instructions in the “Retaking Annual Training” how-to guide to make sure a new completion is recorded.

Where do I find course completions/training certificates in the PDIS? Training certificates are under the “Completed” tab of your My Training Transcript. View the how-to guide “Viewing Your Completed Training and Certificates” for instructions to help users find training certificates in the PDIS. 

Do I need to print all my certificates? No, you only need to print the certificates that need to be signed by someone else.

Can I submit an Early Childhood Professional Credential application without having my External Training submissions approved?  Yes! When processing your application, reviewers will check for pending External Training submissions in order to maximize the 30 possible points in the Professional Development component.

How can I find training offered through the PDIS that is local to my community? To find training courses offered by local trainers in your community, go to Learning > Learning Search > Event Calendar.

What are the new training requirements for center-based professionals? The current rules package that went into effect on December 1, 2021, includes some changes in the requirements for annual training for professionals in a child care center or preschool. NOTE: The current rules package does not contain any changes to the training requirements for Family Child Care Providers.

New annual training requirements for center-based professionals include:

  • All Directors and Assistant Directors must complete the Department-approved training courses: “Working with an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant” and  “Introduction to Child Care Health Consultation.”
  • All staff must complete the Department-approved training course “Recognizing the Impact of Bias on Early Childhood Professionals” or another Department-approved training course on implicit bias (NOTE: This is a one-time requirement and past completions of this course WILL count. Also, this course will count as a social/emotional training hour in the year it is taken.)
  • The course “Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma” now only needs to be taken every two years instead of annually.
  • There are also new training requirements for Child Care Health Consultants; more information will be shared about this in the coming months.

View a list of all required training for center-based early childhood professionals.  

For easy reference, all how-to guides and video demonstrations on the Colorado Shines PDIS can be found on the “Navigating the PDIS” page.

ECPC Review Update

To speed up review times, the Early Childhood Professional Credential 3.0 is being awarded based solely on the documentation submitted with an application. If you feel you could achieve a higher Credential level than you were awarded, please submit another application.  Please pay close attention to the required documentation. Please also make sure to upload the information to the correct area of the application. View this step-by-step guide for support.  We are currently reviewing ECPC 3.0 applications that were submitted the week of December 2, 2021.