In February 2016, community partners representing 21 different organizations across Larimer County came together to create a plan for how we can better support children’s social development and emotional well-being in a culturally conscious manner. This group of partners came to be known as the Leap Coalition.

Leap’s work focuses on five key areas that support social and emotional development: family supports, early childhood mental health, screening and referral, integrated care and home visiting. Leap has convened multiple partners to identify gaps, and create and implement strategies to address those gaps.

Today, Leap’s work continues! Currently, there are over 60 people involved in the coalition, which includes representatives from more than 20 organizations and several private practice mental health therapists.

The Leap Coalition also organizes, promotes, and facilitates training and networking opportunities through its “Community Conversation” event series.  The goal with these trainings is to further connect and inform Larimer County professionals who provide social-emotional services to children and families about the importance of early childhood mental health best practices.

Learn more on the Leap Coalition website:

If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information about Leap, please contact Liz Means.