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ECT Job Description

All teachers at TTEC are responsible for the supervision and management of the classroom in accordance with the goals of the curriculum plan and child guidance philosophy of TTEC and are responsible to and hired by the Site/Program Director


  • Education and experience that meets state Early Childhood Teacher Qualifications
  • A current medical examination and immunizations showing good health
  • A current certification in CPR, First Aid, Standard Precautions and Medications Administration
  • Colorado Shines Credential
  • Other requirements as may be mandated by applicable local and state agencies

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: In order to provide adequate child supervision, a successful candidate must be physically able to meet the following requirements, or meet them with reasonable accommodations:

  • Ability to lift 40 pounds
  • Quickly navigate the classroom or playground in case of an emergency
  • Visually survey the classroom and playground for potential safety hazards
  • Ability to bend and twist your body without restraint
  • Teachers should be able to see and hear children at all times in the classroom and on the playground


  • A warm, supportive attitude and the ability to relate to a diverse population
  • Strong communication skills with children and staff
  • A willingness to continue professional development in the field of early childhood education
  • Show a strong work ethic through punctuality and regular work attendance
  • Show patience and genuine care for children


Teachers will be expected to perform duties in the following areas:


  • Arrives on time consistently
  • Arrives to work demonstrating enthusiasm for the day
  • Has a clean, healthy, professional appearance and wears clothes appropriate for the days work
  • Leaves personal problems at home
  • Open minded-willing to try something new
  • Does not gossip about other staff members or families of students
  • Adheres to employee policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates a commitment to and respect for diversity
  • Gives ample time for absences
  • Checks email daily
  • Maintains confidentiality with children, parents and staff and uses discretion in handling personal/confidential information/documentation
  • Reports concerns for child protection to the director immediately


  • Cleans the classroom as needed: chairs, toys, laundry, walls, etc and follows daily/weekly cleaning schedules
    Tends to repairs by completing them or by informing the appropriate person
    Maintains a safe and healthy environment within guidelines established by State licensing. Is knowledgeable of and follows State licensing guidelines at all times.
    Creates an inviting, child oriented, and developmentally age appropriate classroom
    Creates and maintains well defined and stimulating interest/discovery centers and cozy corner for alone time
    Materials are switched out on a regular basis
    Participates in biannual TPOT/TIPTOS observations and meets with ECC coach to discuss goals
    Is knowledgeable of and implements ITERS/ECERS
    Utilizes Pyramid to fidelity
    Teaches social skills and emotional competencies
    Teaches children to express emotions
    Teaches problem solving
    Properly implements the following Pyramid tools : feelings chart, solutions, tucker turtle, class schedule
    Actively participates with children outdoors and facilitates learning activities
    Guides, redirects, reinsures and reinforces children
    Encourages children to develop friendships and supports friendship skills

Classroom Management:

  • Establishes routines and procedures that help children function positively in a group setting
  • Efficiently utilizes weekly/daily planning time outside of the classroom
  • Maintains classroom records in a neat, accurate, and orderly fashion, and submits records to the office in a timely manner
  • Establishes, posts, and follows a daily schedule of activities that provide a healthy balance of active and quiet times, large and small groups, and teacher directed vs. child directed activities and experiences
  • Manages time well- lesson plans, reports, record keeping are done accurate and on time
  • Is self-motivated-sees things that need to be done and does them, does not need to be reminded
  • Maintains daily documentation/observations on every child and uploads to Gold
  • Establishes and carries out consistent, realistic, age appropriate limits
  • Is aware of the activities of the entire group of children, even when dealing with a part of it; positions self strategically; looks up often from involvement
  • Actively participates with children, has a plan for the day
  • Redirects, distracts or channels disruptive situations with appropriate pyramid tools
  • Anticipates problems and plans to prevent their occurrence
  • Encourages independence in children by asking for their assistance with performing routines, duties and tasks (job chart)
  • Maintains smooth, age appropriate and efficient transitions between activities
  • Meets with and informs parents of upcoming transitions (to new classroom, to kindergarten and starting school) and provides appropriate materials
  • Submits signed event/conference forms to director.


  • Uses Creative Curriculum and TSG to support a program that is designed to foster growth in social emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, math and science
  • Refers to TSG assessment data regularly and uses the results to make decisions about curriculum content, teaching approaches and interactions with children.
  • Completes TSG assessments/checkpoints in a timely manner
  • Writes and submits weekly/monthly newsletters
  • Implements Creative Curriculum to fidelity

Staff/Family Interactions:

  • Welcomes parents/families into the classroom daily with a warm greeting and departure time by using first names
  • Communicates with parents in a warm, open and supportive manner to promote family involvement in the classroom
  • Maintains an attractive and up-to-date parent information board that includes at least; lesson plans, weekly menu, daily schedule, upcoming events
  • Provides neat written communication to parents as needed (FYI, accident reports)
  • Holds formal conferences biannually to discuss TSG reports and set goals.
  • When children have serious, challenging behavior, works with the director and the child’s family as a team to develop an individual plan to support the child’s inclusion and success
  • When children have serious challenging behaviors, utilizes outside professionals who can help work with the child and family.

Staff/Child Interactions:

  • Employs a “primary caregiver” model for all aspects of teacher-child interactions especially feeding, diapering, comforting, napping, documentation (Gold)
  • Establishes a genuine love for children and accepts their differences
  • Listens carefully and respectfully- bends over, stoops down, sits, maintains eye contact while interacting with children
  • Considers the needs of the individual child and is flexible
  • Facilitates social interactions among children
  • Reinforces appropriate behavior by praising the behavior and not the child
  • Responds quickly to children who need affection and security and those in distress
  • Encourages children to talk about their feelings and solutions rather than solving problems with force

Relationships w/ Coworkers:

  • Responds to administrative authority with respect
  • Communicates with admin when in need of support
  • Shares self and abilities, ideas, and strengths
  • Is aware of other teachers needs in the classroom
  • Gets along well with others
  • Is quick to express approval and support for other staff
  • Listens to suggestions and ideas given by others
  • Shares leadership when necessary, leads when necessary, steps aside when necessary
  • Models/mentors co teachers consistently
  • Is a team player-provides ongoing training to new staff and involves others in planning
  • Follows code of conduct when addressing conflicts w/staff
  • Uses strategies to build collaborative teaming relationships with other adults

Professional Development:

  • Participates in training, workshops, and classes to enhance ECE knowledge
  • Completed mandatory 15 hours training offered by TTEC to meet licensing requirement
  • Required 1 time trainings are complete: FEMA, fire extinguisher, hazard
  • Maintains credential on PDIS
  • Updates PDIS at least annually: self-assessment, PDP, competencies and required annual trainings (mandated reporter, safe sleep, head trauma)
  • CPR/First aid is current and up to date
  • Standard Precaution is up to date
  • Medication administration is up to date
  • Is trained in Pyramid
  • Is trained in TSG
  • Inter rater reliability is up to date
  • Is trained in Creative Curriculum
  • File is complete and up-to-date
  • Attends mandatory staff meetings and trainings

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 to $15.00 /hour


ECT (Preferred)

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