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This position provides quality childcare and education in an enriching and nurturing environment to children 2 1/2 years of age- 3 years.

Join our team of passionate professionals in a small early education center and make a difference today!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • All employees are expected to work any hours assigned by the Director, and are responsible for keeping the director apprised of the hours worked in order to avoid overtime. Notifying the Director of hours must be done BEFORE any overtime hours are actually worked.
  • ECT must understand the ages and stages of child development and be cognizant of age appropriate actions and activities.
  • ECT will be responsible for an LPL classroom as assigned by the Director
  • ECT will be responsible for proper supervision and making certain no children are ever unattended.
  • ECT will plan, prepare, post and implement age-appropriate curriculum each week in accordance with the LPL curriculum policy. After approval of Director, the weekly lesson plan will be posted on the classroom parent board. It is the responsibility of the ECT or substitute ECT to strictly adhere to the weekly lesson plan.
  • ECT will be responsible for greeting each child and parent by name each morning, and briefly reviewing the child’s day with the parent each evening as well as a friendly “good-bye.”
  • ECT is responsible for the basic care needs of each child in the classroom including: assistance with dressing, toileting, tying shoes, regular hand washing, face clean, dry clothes and any other tasks associated with good personal hygiene.
  • ECT must secure and distribute breakfast, snacks and lunch (as well as 5:00 snack) at the times indicated on your classroom schedule. (Please remember to place snack on a napkin or coffee filter, not directly on tables)
  • ECT is responsible for assisting the children with social development including: reciting the Pledge of Allegiance each morning either in the individual classroom or outside at the flag pole, saying the “thank you prayer” before lunch each day, teaching table manners during meals, working with a group of children to accomplish goals, teaching them to share at the appropriate age and any other activity associated with proper social development.
  • ECT is responsible for following the posted daily schedule. The schedule is posted on the parent board in each classroom. Any changes in the classroom schedule must be approved by the Director. (In the event no daily schedule is posted, please secure a copy from your Director) NOTE: In the event children are unable to go outside at their scheduled time due to inclement weather, organized, large-motor activities inside the building are required such as group games, music and dancing, relays, etc. The Colorado State Rules and Regulations state, Daily physical gross motor activities with or without equipment or materials must be provided outdoors or indoors during inclement weather for preschool age and older children for no less than sixty (60) minutes total for full day programs. Activities do not have to occur all at one time. For toddlers the time for daily physical activity is thirty (30) minutes.”If space allows, trikes and bikes can be brought into the building. These activities should be pre-planned and prepared so that all required materials are available.
  • ECT is responsible for decorating classroom with abundant displays of children’s artwork or projects. Art work suspended from the ceiling should be colorful and fresh and theme-related if possible. Do not remove art work until other art is available to put up. (Note: Any display items or items purchased for display must be limited to 30% of total display items.)
  • ECT is responsible for maintaining the Parent Board with Weekly planner, monthly Newsletter calendar, menu, daily schedule and any pertinent parent information.
  • ECT is responsible for reading the Newsletter and being aware of special events, field trips and other center activities scheduled each month and prepare for such events in advance. The newsletter also provides considerable information in regard to LPL and our philosophy as well as a “Why we Do What We Do” every month. This information will provide added insight into the operation of our schools.
  • ECT oversees the Aide in the classroom. Remember that the aide is only as good as the ECT makes them! Give specific instructions and encourage participation and interaction with the children at their level.
  • Responsible for learning each parent’s first name (both mom and dad) and the appropriate spelling of child and parents first and last names.
  • ECT is responsible for completing any required daily forms such as Child Tracking Sheets, Attendance records, Daily Sheets (if required) and any other paperwork assigned such as Incident/Accident reports.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Love working with children. MUST show EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER experience and qualifications in your resume. Resumes not showing childcare experience AND Early Childhood Teacher qualifications will not be considered.
  • Have experience working in licensed childcare.
  • MUST meet Colorado Childcare licensing requirements for Early Childhood Teacher.
  • Able to pass background checks
  • Must be willing to be flexible with working different hours, as the schedules are based on the parents needs and the number of children in the center.


Great benefits! Eligible for full benefits including medical, dental, vision, retirement, discounted childcare, paid sick and vacation leave as well as assistance with continuing education.

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