Expanding Professional Possibilities in Early Childhood (EPPEC)

Impact Little Lives in Big Ways

Early Childhood Council of Larimer County is looking for programs, mentor teachers, and students to participate in an innovative new project to address our current workforce challenges of staff turnover, recruitment, and retention.

For Child Care Programs and Mentors:
Struggling to find or keep qualified employees? Interested in becoming a mentor/teacher? Programs who are interested can take part in this exciting initiative. The teacher will provide mentoring of a cohort student/employee with the support of an ECCLC Coach (4-6 sessions) plus on-going mentoring throughout to help this student link theories being learned in the formal education setting with the real world of the classroom in practice. 
Benefits of Participating:
  • Develop your current staff by supporting existing experienced teachers to become skilled mentors, who in turn will better support new/existing employees who are seeking ECT qualifications;
  • Gain a staff member who is better qualified to serve as a future ECT. Educational and onboarding costs covered by ECCLC;
  • Support the expanding need for ECE workforce in Larimer County!

If you have any questions, contact Heather Blanco

For Cohort Students:
Are you interested in advancing your career in early childhood or do you know know someone who is interested in working in the field of early childhood education?  We are creating a cohort of students, through a partnership with Front Range Community College, who will be employed part-time in child care programs under the guidance of an experienced mentor teacher.  Because of the education, high quality mentoring and positive work experience they receive, these employees/cohort students will be better prepared as future Early Childhood Teachers, and more likely to stay in the field.
If you have any questions, contact Lauren Powers.