Careers in Early Childhood – A Colorado Directory

Education Requirements

Educational requirements for all early childhood professionals are determined by the Division of Early Care and Learning.  To obtain licensing information, call 303-866-5948 or 1-800-799-5876.

Staff Aide – Aides the Director or Early Childhood Teacher

Assistant Early Childhood Teacher – Assigned responsibility for a single group of children during times specified in 7.702.55

Infant /Toddler Teacher – Assigned responsibility for children ages 0-2.5 years of age

Requirements for Early Childhood Teacher (formally called Group Leader or GLQ) – Assigned responsibility for a single group of children as the lead teacher

Requirements for Child Care Center Directors – Management of a licensed child care or preschool center

Requirements for Family Child Care Home Providers – Operates and is responsible for a licensed child care/preschool program in their own home

Interested in becoming a Family Child Care Home provider? Click here.

Requirements for School Age Program – Typically works in licensed before/after school programs or summer camps with children ages 5-12 years of age

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