Check Background Summaries

We strongly recommend for parents to review each child care program’s background summary either by calling the Colorado Division of Early Care and Learning at 1-800-799-5876 or by visiting the Colorado Shines website.

Background summaries include:

  • Complaints filed against the program
  • Licensing violations
  • Child Abuse investigations conducted first by the county and then by the local licensing specialist as well as the outcome of the investigation.

Check the background summaries of child care providers in 6 easy steps

1) Visit

2) Select the "For Families" button

3) Select "Childhood Development Resources" from the list of options on the left side of the page

4) Within #4, click on Colorado Child Care Facility Search, highlighted in blue

5) When prompted, check "parent" and type in your zip code

6) Search by license ID# which can be found on the attached list of child care providers