Information Distribution Policy

The Early Childhood Council maintains an informational email list as a courtesy to organizations and individuals in Larimer County to share news and events pertinent to early childhood.


If individuals and organizations in the community want to share relevant information through this email list, ECCLC will do its best to get that information out in a timely manner. However, in order to help manage the volume of emails, ECCLC has established the following policy for information that we are asked to share:

Information and news: Information will be sent out one time

Trainings and local events:

  • Notices may be sent through our email list up to two times (including Save the Date notices). However those two notices must be no less than three weeks apart.
  • Local trainings for child care providers will also be posted on our website calendar and on the Qualistar training calendar.
  • Local trainings for child care providers may also be sent one time to licensed child care programs through our child care referral program.


All requests should be sent to with sufficient notice. For time sensitive events, this would be a minimum of one to two weeks in advance. Each request should include:

  • A clear subject line (including date, if relevant).
  • A brief description in the text of the email
  • If there is an attachment, please make sure the attachment has a title that makes sense to others (e.g., name and date of training, informational topic)

Please note: when local child care trainings are submitted to, that information will be added to the calendars and shared with the child care referral program automatically. Separate requests do not need to be made for those services.