TOUCHPOINTS are the predictable bursts, regressions, and pauses in a child’s development. They typically precede a spurt in a particular line of development. And, they are often accompanied by parental frustration and self-doubt. For providers who are concerned with the development and well being of the child and family, these Touchpoints can be seen as points of change for the child and the parent as well as for the family as a whole. They are times of disorganization that are valued as opportunities to support family strengths.

Touchpoints in Early Care and Education (ECE) settings

Early care and education providers encounter Touchpoints every day. These are opportunities to form strong relationships with whole families, partner with parent’s vulnerability, and build a shared understanding of and honor each child’s uniqueness. ECE providers are vital allies with parents in their children’s development. Touchpoints in ECE represents a paradigm shift away from the idea of a child simply attending childcare and towards the goal of child care providers joining family systems of care of individual children and their parents. The Touchpoints approach assists in the creation of these shared caregiving partnerships.

Larimer County Touchpoints Project

Touchpoints training teaches a practical approach, based on the work of Dr. T. Barry Brazelton, for enhancing the competence of caregivers and parents and building strong family-child relationships from before birth through the earliest years, laying the vital foundation for children's healthy development.

In Larimer County, the Touchpoints Team is made up of staff from ECCLC, the Health Department, a Child Health Consultant Nurse and a contract trainer. The Larimer County Touchpoints team provides training and support to early childhood professionals. Opportunities include:

  • Individual level Trainings
  • Coaching
  • Information events
  • Workshops

For information on Touchpoints training contact (970)377-3388.