Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones are skills or tasks that children typically master during a particular range of ages. Although achieving these milestones often happens in a predictable sequence, each child develops on his or her unique time table. The age at which different, typically developing children can do a certain task can vary a great deal.

An understanding of these developmental milestones is critical in your work with young children. Because you spend many hours a week with a child, you might be the first person to notice that he or she is not reaching milestones at the expected time. Your ability to share what you observe with parents and help connect them with resources for screening and assessment can contribute to ensuring that children who need it receive intervention and support early, when it makes the most difference. Your understanding of developmental milestones can also help reassure parents who have questions about their child’s progress.

Below are links to resources that you can use to review developmental milestones and that you can share with parents.

Birth to 18 months

18 to 24 months

2 to 3 years

4 to 5 years

5 to 12 years