Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success (EVICS)

Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting early childhood care and education in the Estes Park area. A ten-member Board of Directors guides and directs the organization’s programs and activities and Coordinator Nancy Almond runs the day to day operations of the EVICS Office.

Since 2006, ECCLC and EVICS have worked in partnership to support the early childhood community in Estes Park. ECCLC acted as the EVICS fiscal agent until 2009 when EVICS obtained its 501(c)3 designation. ECCLC currently acts as the employer of record for the EVICS Coordinator and provides a portion of the funding for this position.

For more information visit the EVICS website.

EVICS Board of Directors honoring past President Janice Newman